About us

Sport has been running through our veins since we can remember. You name it, from Tear Drops to Flop Shots to Fosbury Flops we have done it all. Unfortunately the days of trying to make the NBA or the PGA tour are well and truly behind us, but the competitive spirit and love of the game has never left. Sport evolves, we evolve as our requirements change on and off the field. Since giving up competitive sport 15 years ago we have continued to see an opportunity in the market for premium crossover apparel. Sportswear has become a part of our everyday lives, but we don’t want to turn up to the course, court, or café, looking like Tiger, head to toe in excessively designed, over branded, performance wear. For us, this is about breaking the barriers of athletic and everyday wear. It’s about function over fashion. Revitalising style and longevity in classic sports. It’s not about adding more but adding less, creating clothes that are versatile and can go with anything - making it simpler for Men (and Women) to dress. Meeting at the intersection of art, design, athletics and culture. Ultimately Fantl Sport is about inspiring people to move, bringing people together, growing not only the game of golf, but all sports, while inspiring us to live our best lives imaginable. Bobsy, our grandfather described this as the ‘modernist way of life’, something we are very grateful he instilled in us from a very early age.